Health and Safety

Furzehill Farm is a working smallholding and there may be hazards outside of the Caravan field so please do not cross the fences or allow children to roam out of the site field. The Horses in the adjacent field can be watched from a distance but do not feed or attempt to pet them.
  • Kites should not be flown in the Caravan field due to power cables crossing the site
  • Dogs should be exercised outside of the site, accidental poos should be picked up into plastic bags and placed in the waste bin. Please don’t throw the poo filled bags into the hedge – not nice, not clever (yes it does happen!)
  • There are three double power hookups on the site. These supplies are main voltage so please ensure that care is taken to avoid them being damaged or interfered with. Remember to handle your cable when it is unplugged from the supply. When packing up disconnect first and when setting up connect last in the procedure.
  • Please keep an eye on children when they are playing, they are your responsibility.
Dogs can have a great time in the New Forest if kept under control
Dogs can have a great time in the New Forest if kept under control
  • Please do not leave the gate to the field open other than for driving in and out. Ponies may wander in if the gate is left open and their behavior is unpredictable – they belong out on the Forest – not in with Caravans.

Risk assessments

These simple risk assessments are to help keep you safe. They are not intended to alarm anyone. Risks vary from place to place we hope these pages help you be aware of things to be mindful of on our CL and in the New Forest.

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Rules of Use

These rules apply to our CL at Furzehill Farm. You can contact us through our page messenger on Facebook, email or phone 01425 655698 Terms and Conditions Please arrive for your stay after midday on day of arrival and depart before 11.00 am on day of departure....this is to allow time for preparation of...

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CAMC Certificate

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