Rules of Use

These rules apply to our CL at Furzehill Farm. You can contact us through our page messenger on Facebook, email or phone 01425 655698

Terms and Conditions

Please arrive for your stay after midday on day of arrival and depart before 11.00 am on day of departure.…this is to allow time for preparation of pitches at changeover, please help by keeping to these times. Departure times may be extended by prior arrangement depending on the next allocation of your pitch. We do not allocate pitches, please choose from the available pitches one that best suits your outfit.

When setting up, especially Motorhomes please consider how you will drive off should the weather change. Motorhomes are poor at reversing up-slope when the turf surface is damp, try to set up so that you drive off down-slope.

Each pitch has its own water supply, bin and EHU. Please sanitise before and after you use and only use the stand pipe/EHU assigned to your pitch.

The septic system like many rural ones is needs treating gently There is no delicate way to say that only pees, poos, green fluid and paper tissue should be emptied into it. Plastics of any kind are are a major problem so wet wipes, sanitary items, condoms, poly bags, tubing etc. must not allowed into the system they cause big, expensive problems.

Each pitch will have a bin for all rubbish. Because of the problems with recycling separation, for the time being it will all be considered as refuse apart from bottles and jars. Please collapse/condense containers if possible to economise on space. Bottles should be placed in the black crates near to the foul emptying area.

Please Note: No exceptional items should be placed in the refuse bins, they are intended for normal items that arise from your stay. Old carpets, used BBQs, large packing boxes, shoes, wellingtons, chillers, clothes airers, curtains etc. should be taken home and disposed of at your local facility.

If you are especially keen to recycle please take your recycling home and dispose of in your usual way or you can ask for a recycling bag. NO hot BBQ coals to be added to the bins. NO sharp objects such as broken glass etc. Only use the bin assigned to your pitch, if it is full let us know and we’ll empty briskly.

Please note that electric awning heaters and free standing domestic white goods such as tumble driers, fridges and freezers are not to be used. The charging of electric vehicles is only allowed by prior arrangement with the site owner. Charging of electric bikes is permitted.

Ground sheets in awnings are a real problem, even breathable ones kill the grass and we have some large dead areas to prove it. Ideally please do not use ground sheets, if you feel you must then use a grass friendly one and leave it in place for no more than 5 nights

We are flexible about visitors as long as you are considerate of others on the site.

Dogs MUST be on leads or physically restrained at all times (as per CAMC rules) – ‘Dog gardens’ are acceptable as long as they do not impinge on the adjacent pitch.

The only way in and out of the site is via the galvanised metal entrance gate.
The pedestrian gate by the foul disposal is PRIVATE and not for use by those staying on site.

No kite flying on site due to power cables overhead
Please make sure you know how to find us and avoid a dead end road that can trouble those relying on Postcode and SatNav. For precision What Three Words is best: ///flaking.issues.greet Please do NOT call at Furzehill Farm for directions or any other reason, there are residents there who are still shielding. The CL office is at ‘The Cabin’ which is signed and just before Furzehill Farm as you travel North.