Wild animal faeces

Subject: Faeces deposited by wild animals

Nature of risk: We do not allow our own farm animals onto the CL, however, wild deer frequently graze the grass and, Badgers and Foxes pass through on nightly travels. The faeces of these animals might be deposited anywhere on the CL, even close to vans and awnings.

Degree of risk: the risk is low and reasonable precautions will make the risk even lower. The risk on the CL is no greater than out on the open ‘Forest’
Addendum 30/06/2020: The site has now been deer fenced and deer should no longer have access.

Who is at risk: Anyone who comes into contact with faeces and fails to wash hands before consuming food, also children who might put fingers into mouths and tiny children to might pop little ‘currants’ in their mouths.

How you can minimise risk: Wash hands or use a hand gel to keep any germs at bay. Babies, crawlers and toddlers should be supervised and the use of a ground sheet is recommended.

In the event of an incident: If it is know that faeces has been ingested be mindful of the incident and inform a Doctor in the event of worrying symptoms.