Subject: Ticks of various kinds

Nature of risk: Ticks are associated with wild animals of the ‘Forest’ It is not unusual for ticks to latch onto humans, it sounds troubling but need not be a big deal. Ticks can carry disease, most notably Lyme’s Disease.

Degree of risk: The chances of picking up a tick are quite high, especially if you walk bare legged through long grass or lie on the grass for even quite short periods. Lyme’s disease can be serious but is treatable.

Who is at risk: Anyone, young, old, male or female.

How you can minimise risk: Avoid lying on the grass, use a mat or sheet. Wear long trousers and long sleeves. Be vigilant, check at the end of each day, ticks like little places where the skin is delicate like armpits, midriff and inner thighs. You might get someone to check for you, this can be fun. Remove ticks carefully, little gadgets are available (search for tick remover on Amazon) that make removal of ticks easy and safe. Be aware that if a tick is missed and has been attached for a few days the risk increases and if a red ring or rash develops around the site of attachment you should seek medical advice.

In the event of an incident: Remove the tick, for more information: http://www.tickbitepreventionweek.org watch out for the red rash and seek help if it develops.