Risk assessment for Covid-19 period.

  1. Arrival and departure times: Until Covid-19 we were very flexible about arrival and departure times. To allow time for sanitising at changeover we ask that you arrive after 1pm on day of arrival and depart before 10am on departure day
  2. Departure from home: high risk – Do not leave home to come to our CL if you (any of the group) show any signs of Covid-19. We expect you to be responsible on this one and check temperatures of those coming to our CL
  3. On arrival: contact with gate and fastening – medium risk
    Measures to take: User to sanitise hands before and after contact with any part of gate
  4. Changeover time: we will sanitise the stand pipes and rubbish bins at changeover
  5. Covid-19 symptoms during stay – medium risk, if you or any of your party develop Covid-19 symptoms please leave the site and return home immediately. Do not wait for things to worsen. There are no care facilities on site.
  6. Setting up: Pitching, levelling etc: no potential risks although users must use their own levelling devices rather than random items found around the site. Vans will be well distanced due to the reduction of total from five to three at any one time.
  7. Connecting power supply: low risk as each of the three pitches will have its own EHU. Gloves or sanitiser should be used as a precaution
  8. Collecting water from standpipe: low risk as each pitch has its own standpipe Gloves or sanitiser should be used as a precaution
  9. Walking around the site: low risk, however please observe a 2 metre distance from other site users and on no account touch other users vans, vehicles, standpipes or EHU.
  10. Disposal of rubbish: low risk, each pitch has its own rubbish bin that is to be used for all rubbish including recyclables (for July and August)
  11. Emptying foul waste: medium risk, please take the usual sensible precautions…wear gloves, use sanitiser and be mindful of possible contamination of the area, not just because of Covid-19, it is, after all a ‘dirty’ area and you should do a group|)thorough hand wash after use using your own facilities.
  12. Visitors to the site: medium risk, we are not permitting visitors during July and August. This means that users who are booked in and pitched up should not have visitors to the site who are not staying in the van they occupy and they should not entertain other site users in their van unless they are from the same social ‘bubble’
  13. Dogs: low risk, dogs must be either on leads, tethered or shut into vehicle/van while on site with no exceptions at all.
  14. Children: low risk, children must be socially distanced from other site users and kept away from the immediate environs of other vans/motorhomes and their equipment