Progress towards re-opening

So, July 4th it is and we are already fully booked for July – still some vacancies in August.

I’m working on risk assessments for the site to take into consideration Covid-19 precautions. Because our site is very basic there is not much new that needs mentioning:

  • During July and August each pitch will have it’s own stand pipe for drinking water. Please sanitise before and after you use it.
  • Each pitch will have a bin for all rubbish. Because of the problems with recycling separation, for the time being it will all be considered as refuse. If you are especially keen to recycle please take your recycling home and dispose of in your usual way. NO BBQ coals to be added to the bins. NO sharp objects such as broken glass etc.
  • Each pitch will have it’s own EHU
  • No visitors during July and August – this may be extended
  • Maintain 2 metre social distancing with other guests – some of them may be on the vulnerable list and very sensitive to appropriate distancing
  • Dogs MUST be on leads or physically restrained at all times (as per CAMC rules)
  • Payment can be by cash or cheque in a sealed envelope marked with your name and the amount on the outside. This must be done the day after arrival. You can place the envelope in the post box at The Cabin. As an alternative you can pay by BACS or PayPal but this must be done in full before arrival. Please email for details.
  • When using the foul disposal please take appropriate precautions – we will not be supplying sanitiser or gloves. DO NOT put gloves or face masks into the foul disposal pit.
  • The only way in and out of the site is via the galvanised metal entrance gate The pedestrian gate by the foul disposal is PRIVATE and not for use by those staying on site.
  • Please respect other site users, some will be very sensitive to distancing and may seem stand offish – keep you distance but offer a friendly greeting.
  • Please make sure you know how to find us and avoid a dead end road that can trouble those relying on Postcode and SatNav. For precision What Three Words is best: ///flaking.issues.greet