Open all the year round

OK, the Caravan Club book says we close for the Winter, well since that was printed we decided to open all the year round.

New Forest Beech trees
New Forest Beech trees

Since making that decision the weather has been so rank that no one would have wanted to visit anyway – but Spring is coming and it’s a wonderful time to visit the New Forest, so why not come and see what’s on offer in our little part of the hidden ‘forest

Even in the Winter there’s lots to see, the Ponies are always around and look rather shaggy and unkempt in their winter coats. The Deer are everywhere, you can’t miss them, just go for a walk on the open Forest. Ogdens seems to have an especially high population of teenage deer, there must be well over 70 of them.

I writing this in early March and it’s great to hear the Buzzards in good voice having been quite quiet for a few months, I guess their thoughts are turning to romance and nest-building.