More wild

When you visit our CL you will see a few subtle changes. For the time being there will be no horses or ponies in the adjacent field, and if our new fence works no Deer either. However, you should see a lot more wildlife because we are working on re-wilding our small holding. Re-wilding isn’t really the right term for what we are doing but it’s a start in explaining our objectives. Re-naturing might be a better term.

The aim is to make our small farm more friendly towards wildlife, not that it was unfriendly. We will be trying to maximise the biomass of life that we can support. The main way to do this is by allowing nature to have more free rein. Scrub will be allowed to form around the field edges, coppicing will be carried out in cycles and new hedges will be planted. We had to exclude deer, the number of them in the ‘Forest’ is out of control and they are so destructive they have to be kept out.

Already we are seeing the benefits of our efforts and you will too. For example there are clouds of butterflies over the grassy field, maybe not rarities but special all the same. Look out for the Skippers, little Butterflies that pretend to be Moths, we have three species.