All well after the rains

It has been wet, very wet!

Thankfully the caravanners who were on site during the worst of the weather had excellent driving skills and left the grass in good condition with little or no rutting. Now the weather is improving I don’t foresee any problems getting onto and off the site.

I have at last been able to cut the grass and things are quickly getting back into shape.

Campers 3000 years ago

Easily overlooked there is a fascinating piece of archaeology within a few yards of the gate to our caravan site.  Immediately opposite the entrance gate alongside the stream there is a mound in the stream bank. This mound has been cut into by the stream and exposed it’s structure. The mound is composed entirely of heat fractured flints that were piled up there back in the Bronze age.

This feature is a boiling mound. Bronze age folks heated large flints from the stream in open fires and then plunged them into water thereby heating the water up and as a result shattering the flints.  No one is quite sure what the hot water was for… perhaps but possibly for ‘sweat lodge’ rituals, either way it’s fun to imagine what was going 3000 years on right where you will be camping.