At last! – Spring is bursting out all over

After a long bleak Winter there can be no doubt that Spring is happening. The New Forest is coming back to life. Best of all the birds are full of the joys and the dawn chorus is resounding with a happy Blackbird in every bush.sumner

The Forest paths are walkable and there is so much to see, so it’s time to come along to Furzehill and enjoy the area that Heywood Sumner loved so much.

“The Heath passes from dun to sombre green, then blooms in purple and withers to rusty grey – The bracken push up their crosiers in May, make green patchwork on the dark hills through Summer, yellow through the Autumn, bleached brown through the Winter – The bog Myrtle flowers in full red and rust, then becomes ‘Sweet Gale’ in leafy fragrance, then gilds the brown streams with borders of gold – The bog-moss passes from green to yellow to orange to red – The Furze passes from flowery radiance, to prickly dullness – The mat grass from glaucous to sandy green – and the woods, the woods pass from the infinite variety of Winter branch and bud colour, to the brightness of Spring, to the fullness of Summer, to the splendour of Autumn – so, the years pass and I, who also pass, say grace for this infinite creation, dimly perceived, yet beloved; and dream of the secret inlet which will unite us to the sights, and sounds, and scents of Mother Earth.”

The track from Sloden down into Latchmoor

This subtle beauty is to be enjoyed all around Furzehill Farm, look closely and you will see what Heywood Sumner saw.