We’ve got the Power!

Our CL opened back in the 1960’s. I remember helping my Dad breaking rubble and spreading gravel for the roadway into the field ready for opening, it was all very exciting. Nothing much has changed on the site since then but we have become more and more aware that most Caravan Club members expect electric hook-ups on sites.

So, this year we have taken the plunge and invested several thousand pounds into getting electricity onto the site. We hope it will help encourage more occupancy in the Spring and Autumn, times when the New Forest is at it’s best. As is usual with site hookups there is a limit on the supply, if the load is too heavy the trip will activate and need to be re-set after determining the cause. This load management is to discourage excessive use of the supply, it means that high load appliances such as high wattage electric fires, cookers and less likely things such as welders cannot be used.

The pitches with hook-ups are all along the edge of the site nearest the road. If anyone feels they want a pitch away from hook-ups they can set up on the field side of the site and get a pleasant view of the trees, fields, Deer and Buzzards.

We have decided to increase the nightly fee to £10 which we think is reasonable for a site in such a good location.

Late October and early November is delightful in the New Forest, the Autumn colours are at their peak and the whole place is quite peaceful as the wildlife prepares for Winter…it’s a great time to visit.