Furzehill Farm CL is located on the western edge of the New Forest between Ringwood and Fordingbridge. We keep strictly to the 5 vans maximum.

The charge per night is now £15* regardless of awnings, pets or number of occupants.

  • The CL is open all year exclusively to Caravan and Motorhome Club members, there is no tent only camping on the site.
  • We have Electric Hookups for five vans
  • The site opens directly onto the New Forest, you can leave the car parked on site and enjoy fantastic walks in all directions.
  • Heywood Sumner lived close by a century ago, he wrote about this area and loved it deeply. Get a feel for the locality
  • The site is a basic CL, there is a drinking water stand-pipe and an emptying station for foul and grey water.
  • Depending on your provider you might get a mobile phone signal, TV reception is flakey so why not escape from technology and enjoy being close to nature.
  • Wildlife and Walking are outstanding around Furzehill Farm. Birds and Reptiles are abundant and if you like waterfowl Blashford lakes is just a couple of miles away.
  • * We have a couple of slightly less sheltered, more sloping pitches for which the charge is £12 per night.
  • At peak times we reserve the right to decline bookings for less that 3 nights.
  • If you are booked in please set up and come and see us later at your convenience when you have settled in. We are usually in the garden of the Cabin which is just before Furzehill Farm. Please ring the bell that is on the side of the porch to get our attention. There is a Caravan Club CL sign on the gate. We do not allocate pitches.

The easiest way to get a feel of the location is to hover overhead thanks to Google: Furzehill Farm and environs from the air.

If you approach Linwood from Hasley/Ogdens you'll most likely cross the stream using this bridge. I don't know if it has a name but I'll call it High Corner Bridge.

One of the best walks from the CL is over the hill (Ibsley Common) to Linwood. Once in Linwood you can pick from 'The Red Shoot' or 'High Corner Inn' for a lunch break. This shot is North Hollow Bridge in Autumn splendour.

It's the Pannage season. The time of year when farmers are permitted, in fact encouraged to let their pigs out onto the commons to find acorns. Pigs thrive on acorns whereas Ponies and Cattle, although hungry for them can suffer serious digestive problems and even die as a result. The pigs do a great service by clearing up the acorns and grow well on them as they are nourishing source of protein and carbohydrates.